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Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, the American Airline has emerged as one of the renowned and largest Airline as per the fleet size, revenues and carrying capacity. This huge Airline covers a vast number of popular and beautiful destinations. The airline operates approximately 6800 flights covering more than 300 destinations across 50 countries. The startling fleet size of 943 aircraft manages more than 500,000 passengers on an average basis. Amongst all other hubs, Dallas/Fort worth handles approximately 200 million passengers yearly. The prestigious airlines have also contributed to the foundation of the world’s third-largest alliance, popularly known as One World Alliance. If you wish to fly with American Airline or you want to modify your prior purchased tickets, the executive team is always present to help you. The experienced and knowledgeable team is there to guide you regarding the exclusive deals, cancellations and refunds, status of the flight or baggage check-in. To quench your queries regarding your tickets or flight status, you can seek help from the renowned experts of the Airlines without any connotations of time.

Exclusive policies of American Airlines:

Baggage policy:

Checked baggage allowance:

  • Passengers are supposed to carry checked-in Bag which has a dimension of 62 inches that’s 158 centimeters maximum. Also, the passengers are allowed to carry 50lbs or 23kgs per Bag. However, the first and business class passengers are permitted to carry 70lbs or 32kgs per Bag
  • Though the passengers of premium economy and economy the baggage charge is $30 just for the first Bag. If the passengers want to carry a second bag, it would cost dollar $40 for the second Bag $50 for the third baggage and $200 for additional luggage.
  • For Advantage gold member, One World Ruby member business class and premium economy passengers first checked -Bag is mandatory.
  • For AAdvantage Platinum Pro member, AAdvantage Platinum member, Oneworld sapphire members, Business customers, and Premium Economy customers, first and Second Checked bags are complimentary.

Carry-on baggage allowance:

  • Every passenger is expected to carry One Bag and a Personal item which might include a Laptop Bag, Purse or a Briefcase, Free of Cost. The dimension of any carry-on bag must not exceed45 linear inches i.e. (22 x 14 x 9) inch or 115 cm i.e. (56 x 36 x 23) cm. including handles and wheels.
  • You are expected to be sure that you can easily lift the Carry-on Bag on to the overhead bin. Also, Make sure that your item comfortably fits under the front seat.

Delayed and Damaged Baggage Policy:

Delayed Bags:

  • After you arrive at the Destination Airport, and unfortunately, you couldn’t find your Bag on the carousel, make sure you don’t panic and seek help from the experienced Agents of American Airlines.
  • The experts will provide you with a 13 Character file Reference Number just against your delayed baggage claim.
  • In case your baggage is missing for five or more days, you are supposed to fill a ‘Passenger Property Questionnaire’. You are expected to provide your reference number to provide Minor and Major Details of your Luggage.
  • It is with the help of the prestigious Central Baggage Resolution Office of American Airlines you can locate your Bag. Supposedly if the Airline is unsuccessful in tracking your Bag, the final decision would proceed in sync with the conditions of carriage.
  • The final decision will be disseminated to you through an E-mail. During the process, the technical team of the Airlines would stay in touch with you and keep you updated regarding status of your luggage.
  • For reimbursement in case you are away from home and your baggage is missing, you are supposed to send a 13 Character File Reference Number, a Copy of your Ticket Receipt, Baggage claim checks and also your original itemized receipts.

Baggage Policy

  • After the arrival, in case you do find your Bag damaged or in any unacceptable condition you can report at the Baggage Service Office of American Airlines at the Airport. You can also contact the Customer Service Experts over the Phone within 24 Hours for domestic Flights. In the case of International Flights, you are expected to report within 7 Days. As soon as you do file the report, the agent will ensure you a 13Character File Reference Number to proceed against your damage claim.
  • For reimbursement, the passengers are supposed to fill ‘Passenger Property Questionnaire’ to proceed with your damage claim.
  • To know more about your damage claim, you can stay connected with the expertise of American Airlines.

All the prices are inclusive of fuel charges and other government taxes. And, prices are subject to change without any prior notice to the customer. We are third-party service providers and have no indulgence in the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the airlines. Read all the terms carefully before making any reservations.

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