Frontier Airlines

The United States of America's Frontier Airlines is an extremely low-cost carrier with its head office in Denver, Colorado. The airline has a large network worldwide and covers more than 100 locations, including six international destinations, in the United States. The airline is the 8th largest commercial airline in the United States that works hard to provide its customers with efficient service.The airline's headquarters is at Denver International Airport; the airline is also an Indigo Partners and LLC affiliate and selling company.The International Council for Cleaner Transport recently listed the carrier, as the industry's most fuel-efficient airline, due to its advanced technology and process performance. The airline hires a large number of air transport professionals and leaves no roof unnoticed to develop its services and retain its brand image.

Classes available:

Basic: This class provides a basic level of facilities, as the name implies. The flights of this class are limited and the facilities available are standard, without any extra supplements. A seat is allocated to every passenger and snacks and drinks are available to passengers.

Economy Class: Compared to the basic class Economic Class gives you more amenities and services. The seats available in this class are more spacious and allow passengers more legroom. Adjustable headrests and footrests are installed to the chairs, and passengers can charge their electronic equipment with the help of the electrical sockets under their seats. Well-qualified foods accompanied by snacks and beverages are offered.

Classic Class This is Frontier Airlines' business class. It provides all its travellers with a luxury quality of service; therefore, the prices are considerably higher than the economic class. The airline serves exquisite high-quality cuisine, cooked by the finest chefs worldwide. There are a wide range of treats, backed by tasty drinks. The available seats are very spacious and larger in size which provide extra seating and can be turned into full flatbeds.

Classis Plus Class: Classic Plus is Frontier Airlines' First-Class cabin. This course is for the executive class of the population, whose primary concern is the relaxation of the trip. Each passenger has an aisle seat and the seats can be fitted in with full flat beds. Each passenger is provided with a free pillow and blanket and a hot towel service. Passengers are issued quality earbuds to listen to their personal favorites.

In-flight amenities:

Frontier Airlines is working tirelessly to provide its customers with the best available in-flight facilities. A comfortable seat, fluffy cushions and headrest are available to each passenger. Extra legroom is provided to allow passengers to rest and lounge throughout the whole flight.You can power your electronic devices with the charging sockets available. Passengers also receive headphones to enjoy music with active noise cancelling.Television screens are connected towards the front of the seats and passengers can enjoy the new films and videos. Passengers are served assorted snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Food is delivered according to passengers' preferences and specifications, and the food is always available on demand.

Baggage Policy:

Check-in Baggage : A checked bag 's cumulative size should not exceed 62 linear inches, including range, width and volume. Not more than 50 pounds of weight can be added to each checked bag. An additional $75 for exceeding weight and an additional $75 for exceeding linear inch limits are charged for baggage which crosses the weight restrictions.

Carry-on baggage: Frontier airline passengers can carry one individual item and will be charged a fee on all carry-on baggage items. A carry-on bag of no larger than 10 "x 16" x 24 "in dimension and weight of 35 lbs is allowed. The bags exceeding this limit has to be checked at the gate by paying extra 60 dollars.

Special Travel Situations:

Booking:All bookings made through the call centre are subject to a $25 booking fee per passenger. Any members of the FRONTIER Miles Elite are excluded from this charge at any fare.

External Reservation Handling fee:This fee is applied to any optional itinerary improvements made to tickets provided by travel agents or online tour operators, through a booking agent at Frontier. The charge is not applicable for reported modifications to flights on the same day.

Name change fee:Frontier tickets can be modified by name. When there is no change to the route, a change of name fee of $75 per ticket would occur. both the itinerary and name change, the name change cost as well as the cost of change of itinerary will apply.

Check-in Options

Check in online:Online check-in on the airline website, which begins 24 hours before the flight departure, can be used by travellers.

Check-in via cell phone:Passengers looking for an easier and quicker option can continue to check-in online on their cell phones.

Self-Serve Kiosk:The airport kiosk can be accessed directly by travelers who are not connected to the internet for check-in at the airport.


All the prices are inclusive of fuel charges and other government taxes. And, prices are subject to change without any prior notice to the customer. We are third-party service providers and have no indulgence in the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the airlines. Read all the terms carefully before making any reservations.

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